Dubai Municipality Registration – What’s this?

Dubai Municipality Registration – What’s this?

In the UAE, Cosmetics, Personal Care and perfumes products have to get necessary approvals and registration from the Dubai Municipality before being put in the market for the consumers. This is to ensure:

  • the products are safe for the consumers
  • that at all time the products imported or sold have not been banned elsewhere in any other country

Establishments involved in the trading, importing, selling, supplying, manufacturing of Cosmetics, Personal Care and perfumes products have to comply with the Dubai Municipality requirements. Among them are :

  • Laboratory tests
  • Label assessment that required to inform properly the consumer about precautions, how to use instructions, expiry, storage conditions,…
  • providing a valid trade license with the related activity,

At Aura4ever, we are bringing to our customers products from passionate creators of beauty care products, that are not yet distributed in the UAE market. Actually, most often they are not widely distributed, but more locally in their country of origin. It is when we discover them, and understand that they are exceptional products, that we help them to expand internationally here in the GCC. They enter the UAE market for the first time, thanks to us, for our customers. This is where we have to get them registered with The Public Health and Safety Department in Dubai Municipality.

As we are launching, most of the products are still not ready for immediate sale, until we finalize their registration. Nevertheless, in the meantime, you still can read about the products, the brands, the creators profile. You can even socially engage with them through their facebook / instagram as we provide their links, so you can discuss their creations, ask questions, … For each of those products, you can easily register your email to get a notification to inform you as soon as the products you are interested in are available.

We are proud to introduce you our discoveries and are sure you will love them as much as we love them.

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