Our creators : Their passion for your beauty

Our creators : Their passion for your beauty

At Aura4ever, we aim at exploring and discovering cosmetics makers, with exceptional products, in order to bring beauty at your doorstep. We are sourcing locally and internationally, chasing for the latest trends in the cosmetics and body care industry. 

We put the passion at the first rank of our criteria of selection when we meet a cosmetics creator, because we believe that the passion drives the quality and effectiveness of your production. And you deserve quality and effectiveness when it comes to cosmetics.

Wherever and whenever we discover a star beauty chemist and their product, we offer him to join us in our glamorous adventure. For that, we allow the time to build a genuine and personal relationship with them, and we connect in each other’s world. We explore their story, and the story behind their product. We understand their passion and what makes their product so special to them and how you could benefit of it.

Building the Aura family of partners, we ensure that their products fit into our suite of beauty products, both in terms of quality and on effectiveness, to guarantee we deliver on the high standard promise we are committing to you. Being part of the Aura family, our partners are  complementing and supporting each other, as they are collectively and individually responsible for the quality and reliability that is our brand Aura. We support them in their development in this Middle East region as they deserve to be known and you deserve to enjoy their innovations.

We are not offering and don’t intend to offer the Top Brands of the industry, because we would have no added value to bring you by doing so, and more importantly, we are convinced that we can make you discover new brands, premium as per the quality of their ingredients, and effectiveness, that you will love.

Karim SENNAD, Founder – Aura4ever.com

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