Susan Summers

Susan Summers

Founder - Alchemy Absolute

Over 30 years ago, Founder and CEO of Alchemy Absolute, Susan Summers, went to live in Australia, where she began formulating her own skin care.

Adapting to the Australian way of life, she was soon running on the beach and swimming in the sea every day and found that the combination of sea water and the harsh Australian sun were taking a toll on her skin. This was a major problem for her, as she was unable to use any of the chemical cocktails available in the stores, as all these commercial brands of skin care irritated and inflamed her skin.

So her own natural preparations were developed in answer to her own urgent personal need.

Soon her friends were urging her to manufacture these formulations commercially as they wanted to use them too. They have been refined and improved over the years, adding more pure and nourishing ingredients, which today, make Alchemy Absolute a soothing, healing, nourishing and above all, super hydrating must for all types of skin.

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