Elyssa Cosmetiques


The cosmetic excellence at the service of your hair

Who are we?

Elyssa Cosmétiques is a company specialized in the sale of beauty products, among which Brazilian Smoothing products. Its goal is to provide Brazilian Smoothing products with high quality keratin at the best price.

Our Universe: Cosmetics

A French brand symbol of excellence. Elyssa Cosmétiques was born of a deep passion for beauty for women. Sublimate and treat the most demanding hair is the daily life of this french brand and its partners. Elyssa Cosmétiques products are formulated with the concern of always respect nature and the hair’s delicate balance. Our knowhow: offer each hair the best care designed specifically for their needs. Elyssa Cosmétiques is sensitive to the experiences of its users. Its cosmetics promise care that will awaken the senses and a sublimated hair. Discover our Brazilian Smoothing products. A wide innovative range for perfect smoothing

Meet the founder